180 Degree Time Management: The Gift of Time!

About Tanya Dotson

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As a 25+ year professional coach and consultant, I know what it’s like to be highly successful, yet feel stressed out, disorganized, exhausted and behind schedule.

I designed this unique, copyrighted process because I am passionate about giving business professionals the time to live well-rounded AND productive lives.

I have charged myself with the moral obligation to serve high caliber professionals by giving them the gift of time.

Together, let’s get you off of the treadmill and into your life!

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”Tanya is a highly trained, committed and knowledgeable coach. Her many years of training individuals and groups set her apart from others. My first-hand experience of her work came on a radio show where she coached me...”

Francis Wade
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”Tanya’s 180 Degree Time Management Course in my experience was absolutely life-changing. I’ve done plenty of good time management courses in the past but this one was the one that changed my habits the most.”

Mel Larsen: Mel Larsen & Associates
Testimonial: 3 of 3

”If I were to pick three words to sum up what I got from 180 Time Management they would be "clarity, control and effortlessness."

Mark Lister: Business Consultant and Coach