Anna Scheller - Owner at Capri Temporary Housing

"Tanya has helped me get my life back! When I first met Tanya, I knew I needed to hone in my time management skills. I seemed to be getting busier and busier, and had less time for the people and the things I loved doing most. During our first session together, Tanya helped me not just with techniques, but to uncover habits that I had built that were hindering me from being more effective. If you feel like you are on a treadmill, and you would like to start enjoying life instead of just enduring it, then contact Tanya for your VIP day."

Anna Scheller - Business owner and real estate iinvestor, leading in the corporate housing industry in South Central Texas.

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Get More Done Faster with Tanya Dotson and Sharissa Sebastian på Life Coach Radio Network

Mel Larsen - Bespoke Marketing & Coaching

“Tanya's 180 Degree Time Management Course in my experience was absolutely life-changing. I've done plenty of good time management courses in the past but this one was the one that changed my habits the most. It works because it deals with your deep underlying beliefs as well as training you in good practices. I'm more focused, organised and realistic in using my time now. I also now have time for proper breaks, planning, exercise and family time, no matter how busy my week is. Result: I'm happier and more relaxed. An amazing result for just 2 days of her input. I don't just recommend it, I think it's essential.”

Mel Larsen - Mel Larsen & Associates • Bespoke Marketing & Coaching for creative and visionary organisations.

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Hazel Stoute - CPA, CGMA

“If a cognitive behavior therapy session married a productivity training seminar and had a child – I think they would name it 180° Time Management!

I think that most people with a time management issue: 1) Are aware of the problem, 2) Can easily describe how it negatively impacts their lives, and 3) Know, but resist, the corrective actions required to resolve the issue.

Tanya used that awareness to get to the root of the problem and quickly pinpointed the negative attitudes fueling my resistance. Her ability to then reframe the negative and channel it into positive personal affirmations helped me to make a connection that will serve well over the long term. I can certainly return to the old habits, but they won’t be as comfortable because once you know you can’t un-know…

There is something very powerful about the way that 180 Degree Time Management works – it’s at the crossroads of awareness, intention, practice and action. Be prepared to be surprised – you’ll learn new things about yourself and see yourself from an entirely different perspective.”

Hazel Stoute - Consultant at RGP I Bridging the gap between Finance and Operations.

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Francis Wade - Consultant

“Tanya is a highly trained, committed and knowledgeable coach. Her many years of training individuals and groups set her apart from others. My first-hand experience of her work came on a radio show where she coached me to have a significant insight I otherwise would not have had. Now that I can see my behavior clearly, I'm unlikely to ever repeat it again - all due to the clarity of her skills. Not only is she a coach, she's a high-quality expert in time-based productivity.”

Francis Wade - Consultant who solves tough productivity problems for corporations • author • speaker.

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Mark Lister - Business Consultant and Coach

“If I were to pick three words to sum up what I got from 180 Degree Time Management they would be "clarity, control and effortlessness." The day after doing it I felt completely in control of what I was doing - and I can't remember the last time I had that feeling. I recall saying I felt like a million dollars when I arrived at the office!

Concrete results I got within two weeks included:

  • Getting back onto social media, which I'd abandoned,
  • Committing to doing a speaking engagement every month - within two weeks of the course I've been invited to speak at a major conference and another event. 
  • I no longer waste ANY time at my desk .
  • I've had sales conversations I've been resisting for months .
  • Better - and clearer - work/life balance
  • No longer having that constant feeling that I should be doing something else

Mark Lister - Business Consultant and Coach; Transforming Performance, Leadership and Culture.

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Sumantro Ghose - Deputy Director

“Tanya has delivered inspirational training days for my teams at Asia House in London and Qatar Museums in Qatar. I was looking for new ways to improve team cohesion and help staff with their time management. Tanya's dynamic and fun approach motivated and energised us all. I'm looking forward to the next one Tanya!”

Sumantro Ghose - Deputy Director, Cultural Diplomacy Programmes at Qatar Museums Authority.

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